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Technology Solutions and Management Consulting for the Commercial Sector

The expansive networking and computing power available today offers immense opportunities for streamlining organizations and increasing performance. Yet technology alone contributes little strategic value. Technologies must be carefully selected to support strategic goals, and to seamlessly align with work processes and the people who execute them.

Our commitment to clients is to elevate their value. To that end, we focus on specific industries, in which we develop the deep knowledge and insights that are critical to our success in enabling clients to meet strategic business goals. We can serve clients best, and offer true innovations, when we understand their industries from the standpoints of business processes, key performance metrics, compliance and security requirements, trends, competitive landscape, challenges and opportunities.

Synch-Solutions' hiring criteria for consultants places strong emphasis on building and leveraging experience to deliver technology solutions in the following targeted commercial sectors:

  • Manufacturing
  • Food Services
  • Logistics
  • Professional Services
  • Media Publishing
  • Telecommunications
  • Financial Services
  • Insurance

Each of these industries has its own unique set of issues and business requirements for which Synch-Solutions' consultants have developed solutions. We work flexibly within these industries, providing the following technology solutions and consulting services:

For more information about our Commercial Sector solutions and experience, please contact us.