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Industries Served

At Synch-Solutions, we understand that not all industries face the same issues in the areas of regulation, geography, customer base and business climate. Therefore, we offer industry-specific expertise to help solve our clients' unique business challenges.

We leverage the Synch-Solutions Polaris Methodology in serving the following industries:

Education: K-12 and Higher Education
Synch-Solutions collaborates with client institutions to address their unique needs as well as the impact on their organizations of issues and challenges facing the education sector today. Our proven methodology enables us to design high-impact solutions that align people, processes and technology to meet strategic goals. We are a leading provider of Oracle/PeopleSoft Campus Solutions and integrated modules for Financial and Human Capital Management.

Energy Utilities
Synch-Solutions enables utility companies to optimize their use of technology for converting company data into knowledge for decision-making, and to streamline their administrative functions for cost management and alignment with corporate strategy.

Government: State, Local and Federal
Public agencies today must work to elevate value for stakeholders in the face of shrinking budgets. Many government organizations struggle to meet this challenge while operating on legacy systems and outdated infrastructures. Synch-Solutions partners with government clients to optimize the synergy between technology and organizational structure, enabling a reduction in administrative costs.

Synch-Solutions provides the framework, services and process healthcare organizations need to grow the value of their IT operations. Our service offerings address the critical needs of healthcare organizations, providing security, reliability and availability while properly preparing their IT systems for the adoption of value-add technologies and practices.

Other Commercial
Synch-Solutions invests in top talent with broad industry experience. Our consulting team members provide expertise in a plethora of industries, including Manufacturing, Food Services, Logistics, Professional Services, Media Publishing, Telecommunications, Financial Services, Insurance, and many others.

For more information about the industries we serve and our experience, please contact us.