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Information Lifecycle Management

Manage Information From Creation Through Disposal

Effective use of information is critical for the success of organizations today. Because a piece of data does not retain the same value at all times, the collection, sharing, application, and archiving or disposal of information significantly influence its value to business. As the volume and complexity of information contributing to business decisions has grown, a driving need has arisen to manage information in a way that provides decision-makers with the subset of information that will yield the most value.

Leveraging the Synch-Solutions Polaris Methodology, we work closely with clients to develop the Information Lifecycle Management solution that will best enable them to achieve their organizational goals. Synch-Solutions supports secure collaboration through comprehensive management solutions.

Our Information Lifecycle Management solutions include:

  • Information Validation Applications Design
  • Information Management
  • Information Archiving
  • Storage Infrastructure Design
  • Storage Process Development
  • Strategic Planning

The Business Value

  • Automate information management processes
  • Provide decision-makers with the most useful subset of information
  • Improve efficiency through central information management
  • Maintain data quality and completeness

For more information about our Information Lifecycle Management solutions and experience, please contact us.