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Synch-Solutions' Core Services

As organizations must attend to an ever-widening spectrum of IT initiatives, prioritization is imperative. Our experience suggests that the highest points of leverage for improving operational and financial performance are offered by ERP Solutions, Business Intelligence Solutions, Managed Services and Enterprise Content Management Solutions. These offerings make up Synch-Solutions' Core Services. The Synch-Solutions Polaris Methodology ensures that all business process and change management issues that accompany implementation of these solutions are addressed, and operational performance is significantly optimized. Through these Core Services, Synch-Solutions can help you leverage IT investments in powerful ways.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Solutions

Synch-Solutions is an Oracle Gold Partner with unparalleled expertise in implementing, upgrading, optimizing and maintaining Oracle's PeopleSoft and E-Business solutions. We empower organizations to take advantage of the enormous opportunities for performance improvement made possible through ERP-enabled business process integration.

Business Intelligence (BI) and Data Warehousing (DW)

Synch-Solutions provides Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence solutions that are essential for informed decision-making and performance management. We work with clients to define key performance metrics and develop solutions that consolidate data from disparate systems. We then create scorecards, dashboards and organization-specific reports for dissemination of dynamic, real-time information. Whether you are currently looking to develop a data warehouse for information consolidation, or working on a business intelligence solution, partnering with Synch-Solutions will ensure maximum ROI.

Managed Services

IT management is our core competency, and we can enable you to focus on yours. Our Synch-SMARTS Managed Services enable you to be smart about delivering IT services. For a fixed monthly rate, Synch-SMARTS provides full-service, 24/365 IT management and support that reduces costs while providing optimum stability, efficiency and responsiveness. Synch-SMARTS covers the entire technology stack, including infrastructure, enterprise applications and databases. It can reduce your total cost of IT ownership by a minimum of 15%.

Enterprise Content Management (ECM) Solutions

Our Enterprise Content Management solutions enable efficient management of vast quantities of documents. They provide a "single source of truth", and improve collaboration within and across divisions, departments and locations. Our ECM solutions improve efficiency by delivering faster and easier access to unstructured data, faster processing times and reduced data entry. They promote cost savings through reduction in expenses for document storage and delivery.