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Urban Model Initiative

Building Better Communities

Urban Model InitiativeConfronted with the numerous problems inherent in escalating urban populations, many of America's largest cities are rebuilding their infrastructures and transforming into more progressive places to live and work.

In response to this ever-changing landscape, Synch-Solutions has developed the Urban Model Initiative (UMI) to help cities establish connections with each other, and within their individual municipalities. Our UMI represents a solid strategic blueprint that guides cities on the effective use and deployment of technology.

By understanding an organization's people, processes and technology, we are able to help urban communities innovatively solve business problems. As a result, cities are able to serve their citizens more efficiently through collaborative and creative technology solutions.

Our Urban Model Initiative Helps Cities:

  1. Reduce Operating Costs
  2. Lower Purchasing Outlays
  3. Increase Staff Productivity
  4. Improve Service Delivery

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